My High-End Restaurant’s Logo Design Story That Will Give You Lessons

Silly mistakes are the worst kind of mistakes. I’m an aspiring business owner and hence I needed a custom logo design for my new restaurant in UK. I approached some people and they suggested me to use those online logo creation tools as they are free and can make your logo with just a few clicks. I did exactly the same and while the logo was not bad it was nowhere near perfection.

I was not happy with the logo design because it looked very childish to me. I found no depth and concept in my logo. I used the free logo design for a month but then I thought it just does not sit down well with me. I’m an owner of a high-end restaurant that sells authentic exotic cuisines; I can’t afford to have a logo design like that.

Then I decided that it’s time to get a professional logo design so I contacted a logo design firm called GB Logo Design, it’s an agency situated in Finchley, London. I told them everything, they gave me some suggestions and after a long chat and a few days, I received my final logo file. I’ve fallen in love with my final logo. This incident taught me that’s it’s better to leave such things to professionals.
There’s no harm in using online logo making tools, they are very convenient for the ones with low budget. I shouldn’t have been a miser though because I did have money for a professional logo design but my frugality always messed up everything.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to stay in the business for a long time, then please opt for professional logo designs instead of going for the ones that are already available online. Hope you found this story interesting and learnt two important lessons – to never be frugal and to always get logo designs from a good logo design firm. You’ll find many logo design firms in the UK (like GB Logo Design) that offer custom logo design packages, meaning you can set a customized logo design package for yourself. Now, that’s pretty useful.

Tell me in the comments what you think of this story. See you again.

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